"If It's Not
It's Not
Worth It!"

In addition to teaching, Doug hosts 2 major events a year (Spotlight New Years and Michigan Classic).

Doug was born and raised in Wisconsin and spent most of his life  As a kid, and through college, Doug was a musician and actor.  He has an extensive background in musical theater having held the positions of Director, Choreographer, Conductor and Producer for many productions.  Doug's first love in music was the trumpet where he had the pleasure of playing in Jazz bands, pit orchestras and other community ensembles.  Doug went on to attend VanderCook College of Music Education for his music degree in hopes of becoming a Choir Teacher.

Doug's formal training in dance started when he stumbled upon West Coast Swing in 2001.  Since then he has won numerous titles across the country, including US Open Champion.  He taught many forms of dance full time from 2005 to 2011, including ECS, Hustle, Salsa, Night Club 2, Country 2 and of course West Coast Swing.  He continues to travel on average 40 weekends.   


Since 2012 Doug has traveled the West Coast Swing circuit competing with his classic routine partner Melissa Rollins.


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